Most People With Anxiety Are “Pleasers”

Welcome to this week’s Just Be Mentally Free Minute For Anxiety…Today I am going to talk about being a “pleaser.” Being a pleaser is a major characteristic for someone who is suffering from anxiety and this can lead to being codependent. Bottom line is, when you are suffering from anxiety, you are living in fear. Fear of rejection, fear of how others perceive you, fear of causing a conflict, fear of being made fun of, fear of failure, fear fear fear. In order to compensate for these fears, we shove our needs aside, become “yes” people and pleasers.

As a result, we are indirectly telling ourselves, we are not important and our feelings just don’t matter. Well, you do matter and your feelings are important. So, recognize your pleasing behavior and start making yourself and your needs a priority. If you need help with this please contact me. Thanks for watching and remember, it’s my goal to help everyone live in peace that they deserve and JUST BE MENTALLY FREE!

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