Loving Yourself!

I love this banner!  A friend of mine posted and I wanted to share.

It’s a great reminder that although you may have a servant heart, you are not a doormat!  Pleasing is living out of fear, fear of rejection, abandonment, losing control…the list goes on.

When you don’t like yourself, it’s difficult to discern living in fear and being a pleaser vs living out of self-love and letting go of outcomes. Fear rules your life. Your “Bodymind” is consumed with buried negative emotional toxins.

When you like yourself, it’s easier to discern and recognize fear based pleasing. The love in your “Bodymind” is there but still covered in toxins that need to be cleansed.

When you begin to love yourself, fear is losing and you begin to feel a state of security and the need for pleasing is losing momentum as well.  You begin to make yourself a priority and start recognizing your needs.  Happiness is generated more internally and not artificially produced by pleasing.  Your “Bodymind” is aligning with your mind and there is less discord.

When you truly love yourself, you’re in a state of incredible self-security and your “Bodymind” is in sync with your mind.  Self-love is guiding you.  Fear no longer consumes you and is returned to it’s place in our logical mind and helps us when needed. The foundation of inner-peace is ever present in our “Bodymind.”  This is the beginning of existing out of your true authentic self!12654562_889235164478149_2330417083512972207_n

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