New Year, New You!

faith-to-succeed-affirmationHappy New Year! I’m excited about and looking forward to 2017.  For me, the start of the New Year means it’s time to clean, refresh and reset the mind and body.  There is no time like the present to become “emotionally fit.”  Check out this article I wrote to get a better understanding of what being “emotionally fit” is:

The main component of this is an “emotional cleanse.” Why an “emotional cleanse?” It’s quite simple. Buried feelings never die. They are toxins and effect every cell in our body. An “emotional cleanse” will eliminate and rid your body from these toxins.  Go here for a full explanation:

Once we “emotionally cleanse” and are “emotionally fit” our mind and body work in unison and we can better function at a more optimal level.  Self-defeating, negative subconscious thoughts are easier to overcome and even erased. As a result, our chances are great that those other New Year’s resolutions will get accomplished.

So make yourself a priority and commit to yourself that you will become “emotionally fit.” I promise you, your life will change and you will never look back!

Happy New Year!


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