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Emotional Cleanse Challenge

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Who Is This Book For?

You may be wondering “Is this book for me?” I like to summarize it in a simple phrase. This book is for everybody! It applies to someone who is looking to make a huge transformation in their life or someone who knows that they have untapped potential and just can’t wait to see what they are capable of doing. To be more specific of who it can help, think of these situations as a guide:

  • Do you have a library full of wonderful “self-help” books that you totally loved the concepts, committed to them and nothing really changed in your life?
  • Are you sick of living with fear or anxiety? Are you depressed and can’t seem to figure it out?
  • Do you have multiple failed relationships and just want to find passion and love?
    Have you failed at diets (this is a big one…almost everybody would like to be as healthy as possible but don’t have lifelong success)?
  • Have you wanted to seek counseling but perhaps don’t have the resources, the money or the coverage? Or even more likely, are you afraid to seek counseling because you are too embarrassed or ashamed of the things you are covering up and don’t want anyone else to know? I see this scenario a lot in my practice, where it takes people YEARS to finally come in and all of that time they could have lived more peacefully.
  • Do you hear all of the experts telling you that you need to “LOVE” yourself and laugh it off as a funny thing?
  • Do you suffer from addictions that control your entire life and don’t believe that you could possibly overcome them?

If none of the above scenarios fit you, at the very least, the Emotional Cleanse Challenge will teach you step by step how to gain inner-peace and attain balance in your life!  Just like a car needs an oil change and tune up, or a computer needs to clean it’s old files, in order for you to be at your best and run at an optimal level, you need to do the same!