Emotional Cleanse Challenge Workshop


This Emotional Cleanse Challenge Workshop will take you step by step on how to emotionally cleanse yourself and resolve your negative toxic emotions. You will learn to use traditional techniques as well as cutting edge techniques that will get you results. You will begin to think positive, begin to love yourself unconditionally, and begin to live a life of peace that you deserve!  $79.00! 

(You will be contacted directly by Paul before the workshop begins to discuss details about SKYPE and the eBook)

You Will Get:

  • A PDF copy of the “Emotional Cleanse Challenge”  ($9.99 Value) Emotional Cleanse Challenge
  • A 4 week course that will follow the eBook “Emotional Cleanse Challenge” step by step.
  • Consists of 1 online class (using secure Vsee or SKYPE) per week for 4 weeks. (45-60 minutes each) ($400 Value)
  • 2 one hour individual sessions with Paul. ($200 Value)
  • Unlimited Email Correspondence!

All for only $79.00! 

Simply fill out the form to get registered. You can pay now or pay when your start date is finalized with Paul.          PayPal