About Paul Cartone

I am a husband and a father. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and two great kids; a boy and a girl. My personal life cannot be any better and I thank God for that. Professionally, I earned a Masters degree and I am doing what I love to do; helping people. My job is personally rewarding and I can’t ask for much more. Throughout my life, I have had my share of hard times and have even hit rock bottom financially. Professionally, I have had some adversity and battled through it. It would have been easy to give up, but I didn’t. For that, I am proud. In retrospect, I have learned from these experiences and have become a better person. My focus professionally has never changed throughout these difficult times. I became a psychotherapist for one reason and one reason only; to help those in need.

My passion and goal is to help and guide you to feeling peace inside. I specialize in anxiety and anxiety related disorders for a reason. I know firsthand what it is like to experience debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. I am proof that you can manage your anxiety and panic attacks and take control of your life without medication! Throughout my 16 years experience, I have developed a plan that will get you to a place of feeling in control which will lead you to a place of feeling peace inside. You are an important person and deserve happiness. I invite you to take time for yourself and make the decision now to take control of your life. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

“A New Day Dawns…And With It Comes The Promise Of Healing And Strength”