Be Mentally Free For Sports Performance!


As a former Division 1 College Baseball Player, I know what it’s like to compete at a high level. I understand the physical commitment and mental toughness it requires to be a competitive athlete. I also have 15 years experience in working with amateur as well as professional athletes helping them overcome fears, mental blocks or self-defeating negative thoughts keeping them from success. I use traditional and cutting-edge techniques that produce results.

Developing the mind of a champion is just as important as physical training and practice. To realize your full potential as an athlete, you have to start training your mind as well as your body! Just as you develop physical skills and techniques, you must learn to develop these mental skills.

What are these mental skills?

      • Staying relaxed under pressure.

      • Be in the present, focusing on what’s important and letting go of everything else.

      • Letting go of mistakes, letting go of bad breaks and failures.

      • Handling last minute self-doubts and negative thinking.

      • Using mental rehearsal for upcoming performances.

      • Motivating yourself by setting personally meaningful and compelling goals.

      • Recognizing mental traps and avoiding them.

      • Developing self-confidence and a positive, go-for-it attitude.

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